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These are the most frequently asked questions about our “Products”. A list of FAQ’s (in red) are displayed below, simply click on the FAQ of interest and a drop-down will display the content (text) related to that FAQ.



Our products for the most part are “Digital” products, and are down-loadable. However you can order some of the products on CDROM, at a slightly higher cost.

We offer a variety of support services. We offer our clients 24×7 email support, with an est. 1 hour turn-around, during regular business hour (8 AM-6 PM PST), non-business hours within 8-12 hour turn-around. We use Instant Messaging services, or you can schedule a Skype call (Skype is a FREE VOIP service for most users). If you are not a client, email support is available with a 24 hour turn-around.

Payment for services rendered, and purchases of our products are generally done online. We currently use PayPal as our payment gateway. If you do not have a PayPal account PayPal does allow you to use a major credit card of your choice. You do not have to go to PayPal’s website. Our website handles the entire transaction for you. Simply follow the links and instructions on our website.


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