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We are located in the hear of the Silicon Valley USA, in San Jose, California. We have been here since the company began, since 1989. Although we are an Internet company, that said we have clients and service clients from all over the world.

You can contact or rather communicate with through various means. All our contact information is located under our Contact Us pages. On the Internet you can email us, we also use (IM) Instant Messaging, you can use Skype (most of our clients use this method), or if it is feasible we can make a visit to your location, or you can visit us in sunny California.

If you need a quote for a service, product or consultation work you can submit your requests from our Contact Us pages. Located in the “Sidebar” to the right you will see Section Sub-Menu. Click on one of the inquiry forms, fill-out the information and give detailed information about your service or product interests, and requirements.

We offer a variety of support services. We offer our clients 24×7 email support, with an est. 1 hour turn-around, during regular business hour (8 AM-6 PM PST), non-business hours within 8-12 hour turn-around. We use Instant Messaging services, or you can schedule a Skype call (Skype is a FREE VOIP service for most users). If you are not a client, email support is available with a 24 hour turn-around.

Payment for services rendered, and purchases of our products are generally done online. We currently use PayPal as our payment gateway. If you do not have a PayPal account PayPal does allow you to use a major credit card of your choice. You do not have to go to PayPal’s website. Our website handles the entire transaction for you. Simply follow the links and instructions on our website.

More info coming soon

More info coming soon

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